2016-2017 Executive Board

President: Madison Greco


Hi all! I am currently a senior in the neural engineering track of our Biomedical Engineering program.  After completing my undergraduate degree I plan to continue onto medical school, where I can apply all that I have learned in BME and see first-hand the applications of this technology to help real-world patients. As much as I enjoy the research and industry side of Biomedical Engineering, it is the patients that are benefiting from the devices and technology we are create that interest me the most as they are the ones whose quality of life will directly be impacted (and hopefully improved!) by the research that we do.

My current research involves the implementation of embedded instruction for young children with varying disabilities.  I love working with kids and I am actively involved in Camp Boggy Creek, Dance Marathon, Youth Combine and a variety of other things.  In my spare time you can catch me hanging out with my puppy Aspen, running, or doing something outdoors.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me!

Vice President of Industry & Corporate Affairs: Anthony Powers

Anthony_Powers Hello, everyone. I am currently a senior in the biomaterials track of Biomedical Engineering. I am working on my Bachelor’s now but intend to pursue a PhD in Biomedical Engineering afterward, where I intend to work in cardiovascular tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. My hobbies include archery, video games, and programming of most all types.

My current research involves testing methods of drug delivery and effects of ATRA in order to promote elastin and collagen expression in aortal smooth muscle cells with the goal of applying this to cardiac stents and balloons. Additionally, I have worked to characterize the cytocompatability of shape-memory polymer foams and their degradation products in vitro as well as developed electrospinning techniques unique to these materials.

Vice President of External Affairs: Austin NowackiSEC5

Hey! My name is Austin Nowacki and I am currently a sophomore in the Biomedical Engineering program, Biomechanics Track. This is my first year on the E-Board so I will be learning along with everyone. After my undergradute adventures, I hope to pursue an MBA or attend law school. Don’t ask why; I’m complicated. Basically, in my free time, if you don’t find me at the gym or playing basketball then its probably gameday or I’m sleeping. I’m pretty artsy and creative so I like to draw, paint, and start new projects. If anyone needs help with something, has an idea, or wants to give me some constructive critisim then go for it. I hope to make this year an active one.


BMES photoDirector of Research & Design: Chandni Rana

Hi everyone! My name is Chandni and I’m a third-year BME student on the neural engineering track. After completing my undergraduate degree my plan is go to graduate school and conduct research on the neural correlates of sleep, learning, and memory. For me, scientific research is never not interdisciplinary. As an undergraduate, I want to learn from as many different areas as possible in order to develop a multi-faceted approach to understanding the human brain.

Currently, I am a member of the Schmidt Lab where I am developing Hyaluronic-acid based hydrogel scaffolds to repair peripheral nerve injuries. Additionally, I was lucky to be chosen as a Nakatani-RIES Fellow this year and also conducted research abroad in Japan. My project at the University of Tokyo was focused on enhancing the detection sensitivity of Terahertz time-domain spectroscopy by using gold metasurfaces to analyze biomolecules.

Outside of classes and lab, I enjoy watching anime and learning Japanese (often at the same time). I also love cooking new foods and will hopefully begin practicing a new interest of mine: kyudo! Fun fact about me: I’m actually Canadian.

よろしくお願いします! (Yoroshiku onegaishimasu ~ let’s have a great year!)


Director of Internal Affairs: Brian Nazareth

Hey everybody! I’m a sophomore in BME on the Neural Engineering track, and after I graduate I plan on pursuing either a PhD in BME or an MD (or both). I’m currently doing research at the McKnight Brain Institute into the behavior of and possible treatments for certain neuromas. Right now, I’m really interested in brain-computer interfaces and neurological disorder disruption, but I’m happy to learn about anything BME. I’m originally from Tampa, and a few of my interests out of school are club Ultimate Frisbee, reading, swimming, and gaming (mostly Super Smash Bros). Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or if you just want to chat! 🙂

NoaGroomsSecretary: Noa Grooms

Hey guys, I am currently a junior in the Biomedical Engineering program within the biomaterials track.  I enjoy collecting classic rock from the ’60s and ’70s on vinyl.  Also, in my spare time, I love playing soccer and hanging at the beach.  My aspiration for the future is to ultimately work for the CDC to help develop medicine.



Treasurer: Sudeep Vakiti980156_608853339140048_501950426_o

Good Day Everyone. I am a graduate student in Biomedical Engineering from India, the land of mystery and magic. My dream is to create a better world with the help of love and science. I see myself closer to this goal every time I see someone happy. What better way to make this dream come true than to apply my knowledge as an engineer in the medical field. Currently, I’m working with the instrumentation part of patient simulation system for medical training. I intend to pursue PhD in Biomedical Engineering with focus on applying Nanotechnology and MEMS based devices in medicine. I love listening to people and being more of an outdoor person, I also enjoy camping, hiking and adventure sports.

P.S. Smile for me 😊. (Namaste)

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