Mission & Objectives

Our chapter’s goal is to bring undergraduate and graduate students together from all disciplines in order to appreciate, promote, and provide tools and skills for success in the field of biomedical engineering.  The Biomedical Engineering Society at the University of Florida strives to do this through a list of objectives we have set.  First, it is our wish to expose students to both new and ongoing problems and goals in the biomedical engineering community.  Second, we wish to aid students in developing professionally to increase competitiveness for and future success in industry, academia, and/or medicine.  Third, we wish to create opportunities for student involvement within the community, allowing the community to better understand what biomedical engineering actually is.

Membership with Biomedical Engineering Society at the University of Florida is not limited to only biomedical engineering majors.  We enthusiastically encourage participation from students of other engineering disciplines that are interested in biomedical engineering, to increase the creative and technical diversity within our society.

For any questions on membership or becoming involved with a specific committee, please contact ufbmes1@gmail.com.


Also, we would like to give a big thank you to AxoGen for their continued sponsorship of our organization!

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